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Decisions are documents that capture the details of important choices that were made during the development of this software, along with the context and consequences to be remembered.

These decision documents are an excellent opportunity to write down what was in your head during the development of a code change, the design of a feature, or the choice of one vendor/library over another. Having these details written down greatly benefits future code contributors, including your future self, as they question why something was done a certain way in the past.

A good decision captures:

  • Problem Context
  • Decision Made
  • Known Consequences & Tradeoffs Considered

Generally, decision documents should be considered immutable, but if you feel there is justified value in editing a previous file, consider timestamped additions instead of outright deletion of previous copy.

Contributors to Franklin are encouraged to generate decision documents alongside or following significant code changes. You can find a reference template in the repo and consult existing documents for format examples.

For more on the practice of writing decisions (also known as architecture decision records in other circles) see this GitHub repo.